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Metropole, the name of the former hotel in Vienna could symbolise a kind of faith in awakening modernity. The modern life did arrive during the 20th century but the changes were painful in many sence. Now we are living in a new century but somehow the last one doesn’t seem to ending, the overage shadows are still here with us. Many people are already bored to listen and see the horror of the Nazi times meawhile there are more and more sympatizers of the extrem-right in Eurrope. It’s maybe not necessary to say something really new about the Nazi terror but it’s more important to repeat the historical facts in many different ways.

There is a photo about Hotel Metropole. Old fashioned cars stay in front of the hotel and a column with a swimwear poster. Everythings seems to be normal on this image but probably inside the building the Gestapo is working already. No swastika on the facade, no any other signs which could depict the insider monstrosity.

My project will be a drawing installation, to create a time-line about the history of the Hotel Metropole. Time-line is a form which we can often find in museums, they are arranged stories full with known and unknown details. I’m deeply interested in story-tellings so I’d like to refer with the medium of drawing to tell an instructive tale. The process of  drawing-making is always a kind of therapy to understand what’s going on under the surface and it could effect not only on the artist but also on the spectator as well.

Time-line of the Hotel Metropole, 2015, drawing-installation, variable dimension, mixed drawing technics