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The self-responsibility, strengthening of the ability of self-preservation, appreciation of the working moral creates a loophole from the trouble. Due to this the rebuilding happens– in an experimental way. The population stands up for the program – even with the additional costs.
Experimental housing estates were founded for free intellectuals and artists, withdrawing the volunteers of the association for national experience, in the frame of the basic program for resettlement of the nation. We all are really surprised at what happened. There was really nothing to do. We organized a demonstration in our exaspera- tion, but only some people sided with us.
The plans were constructed by the architect group „Popular Forms“. The planners favoured the demands of the future inhabitants. They dreamt of such semi-detached houses in a system where artists and theoreticians with different background can exercise their abilities in the parallel ways of life. The outer appearance of the houses unifies the modern and Hungarian-ish character of thousand-year- old tradition. The different semis of the semi-de- tached houses symbolize how formally and constantly a unit can be created by fitting in the intellectual products.
Although the oppositionist press and the allied foreign circles are always repeating the word „the evacuation“ - the expression of evil memory, this is not the point!!! The popularity of the action survives legitimate. I remember the photos of my great-grandparents. People silently walking in a cue, one after the other. It could even be an execution. We also are aiming at the same direction. What kind of community can we become?
We arrived to the edge of the settlement (we used this expression for it). I expected something worse. Does the resignation and the desire for survival make everything nicer? Never before had I lived in rural surroundings. A mixture of curiosity and hope started to grow in my mind.
They are counting on our cooperation, but these are not our decisions. The newly planted tree disappeared one evening. It`s hard to handle the anger well.
We trust in the proposals of our advisors. We move step-by-step; we don`t constrain the fast integration. Time is working for our future. The development is unavoidable.
Half a year has elapsed since we arrived. Some of us already found ourselves. It would be nice to forget, but it ́s hard for me.
We assure the order and the calm by patrolling. If you know our tariffs, you can have peace – from our side.
Many of us began to write blogs, small private bagatelles on the web. Whom do we do something good for? I think I’m getting more and more inflexible about these topics.
Message to the satellites.
Sharing of the knowledge is our common interest. We follow the talents of the nation with intensive attention. All members shall take part in the uprising of the country.
Even the controlling cameras can be played off. The recent actions don`t hit the level of the real resistance.
The „protectors“ appeared here as well.
Our investments are continuing. The expansion of the local institutions system serves the strengthening of trust as well.
When we sat down to discuss, we didn ́t concentrate on the exact possibility of the resistance. We wanted to ap- proach our feeling from the side of thought. Philosophy has to come before acting. We can ́t break out right now. We have to get devotees, even among those who yet deny us.
Set your imagination free! But watch out, the shadows of the past are invincible, if you project your desires only into the future.
There are enthusiastic epochs, when even the words unify themselves.